Our Business

Our Business

Money Service
UniGroup has engaged in banknotes trading and foreign money exchange for more than a decade. We have previously registered under Joint Financial Intelligence Unit and are now licensed under Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department of HKSAR under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (Financial Institutions) Ordinance, Chapter 615, Laws of Hong Kong. Accordingly, we establish our own policies, procedures and controls in order to mitigate the risks of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

As a highly reputable market player, we have a very strong client base ranging from international and local retail Money Service Operators to public listing companies.
For international companies, we are the super-agent of MoneyGram in Hong Kong with more than 50 local sub-agents. Not only are we the agents of MoneyGram, but we are also agents of Western Union, which is a leading global company in money transfer services. Hence, we ensure our individual clients receive high quality services. With our local network of licensed money changers, we have a strong coverage in Hong Kong as well. For instance, we are the Advisory Member of Hong Kong Money Service Operators Association. Further, we maintain a close business relationship with several major banks in Hong Kong. It is, therefore, cogent to say that we have strong connections with both foreign and local money service corporations.

IT Consultancy
Unisoft Limited is a software house dedicated to providing IT technology solutions to financial institutions. Our company founder has over 15 years of professional experience in investment banking, listed companies and multinational corporations which led the development team to complete significant number of large-scale projects. As stated in our Mission, “Distribute capabilities via our platform and reach thousands of potential customers”, Unisoft’s expertise is in the development of online payment gateway and eWallet, which has a highly secured platform with user-friendly features. The IT solution arm also serves the whole group in meeting various automation requirements. Hence, it plays an immense role in fostering the growth of the UniGroup.

Investment Immigration
Uni immigration believes it is of utmost importance to deliver the best services to clients. We, therefore, provide a diverse range of services for our clients to enjoy.
The immigration arm of the group offers our clients immigration services to various places in the world, ranging from Taiwan, Canada, Portugal to Australia. Additionally, the immigration consultant is incorporated under the Hong Kong legislation. Our advisors are experienced and all have in-depth knowledge regarding immigration, legal and accounting in different jurisdictions. The one-stop shop service we provide are not only very versatile, unlike regular advisory services provided by most immigration company. It also avoids any unnecessary processing time, which is vital in delivering high quality services to our customers. Over the years, the company has assisted a large amount of high-net-worth nationals in applying for their targeted countries. Hence, with ample experience and professional consulting, the company has established a good reputation and is also ranked top 3 in Hong Kong.

Business Consulting
Inno Consulting not only provides various professional and consulting services, but also the identification of business needs at various circumstances. For instance, company secretarial, offshore company search, accounting and auditing, tax advisory, bank relations, business centre, etc. Our management team consists of certified public accountants, professional bankers and an experienced company secretary. With a group of professionals, Inno Consulting is committed to give customers reliable and efficient business solutions, hence pave the way of success for your business.

Private Investment
The private investment has a portfolio of service apartments, luxury residential properties, commercial properties, property agency, public transport (taxi), convertible bond and time deposits. China Max Asia Pacific is dedicated to the operation of the luxury service apartments located in Hong Kong's premier location. The room designs and locations fully match the needs of tourists and the temporary residence of businessmen. With the ever-growing number of tourists, UniGroup envisions that the luxury service apartments can provide them with an excellent alternative to a hotel room.

UniGroup engage in the card acquirer and prepaid card market which we envision an unlimited demand in coming years of Hong Kong. UniCard Solution is an issuer of the MasterCard prepaid card and also the MasterCard Acquirer. UniCard aims to provide users the most efficient and viable payment solution through prepaid cards. Card products we offer are versatile, which were designed to suit different types of cardholders. Such as travel cards, gift cards to student cards. It is evident that such convenience and efficiency would benefit many users. Hence, Fintech business will be the major development project for UniGroup for the coming decade.

Precious Metal Trading
UniPrecious Metal Limited specialises in precious metal trading, mainly the physical trade of the international brand London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Kilobars. We also have our own warehouse and logistic teams. The Management Team possess extensive experience in professional financial service industry and in the compliance sectors. The Company has the operation objective of becoming a Hong Kong gold wholesaler so the target customers are mainly retailers and institutional investing customers in Hong Kong and foreign countries.